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Online personal training is new to the fitness industry. Personal
training can be very costly and many people would like a
personal trainer. This is one area where online training may help
many individuals. Another aspect to look at is how much time a
person has. It may be hard to schedule an hour with a trainer but
you could workout at home.

I mentioned cost earlier, in most cases a training session in
person can range from $25 to $100.00 an hour or more. With
online training you may pay $20.00 a month or less. When
choosing an online training site there are some things to look for
no matter the cost.

The first thing is to look for credentials on the website. You want
to find someone who is certified through a national organization
such as The Amercan Council On Exercise or The American
College Of Sports Medicine. You also want to look for someone
with experience. Training online is different then in person so
find someone who can really articulate exercises well.

Next, is the actual product the site is trying to sell you. Yes, you
are buying personal training but how is your program being
delivered to you. Look for a program and a trainer who will still
keep you accountable for your workout. Just because it is an
online program does not mean that you are alone. You should be
able to reach your trainer with any questions or concerns you
may have.

Make sure that you are given your exercises in a clear and
concise manner. You should be given a detailed explanation and
a video demonstration of your exercises. If you are having any
trouble your trainer should be able to use Skype to help you.
Please ask for help if you are unsure about how to perform any of
your exercises.

Motivation is another concern with this new form of training.
Having an online appointment may help with this problem. Your
trainer should have an accountability plan in place if you miss
your workout. Goals are also important and must be established
in the beginning of your program. Goals help to give you and
your trainer a direction to go in. There are different ways to
design an exercise program that will help you to achieve the look
you want. Please be very specific with what you are looking for.

I hope this article has helped you to understand online personal
training better. It is not for everyone but it can help many people
find a more affordable way to obtain a personal trainer.

Robyn Caruso is the president of Worldwide Wellness
Consultants an online personal training company. We also offer
many other things such as, relaxation downloads, health
information and much more. Please visit us at: for more

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